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Archive for November, 2011

PBS Typography Video

I stumbled across this great PBS video – part of their ‘Off Book’ series – that aroused the type nerd in me! It also happens to feature Deroy and Julia from one of my favourite design studios, Hyperakt. Check it out…

Eli, No!

I’ve admired the work of Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg over at Eight Hour Day for many years now, and finally got my hands on some of their work – in the form of Katie’s brilliant kid’s book Eli, No!

The story is cute, the illustrations are brilliant, and the type is nicely considered. My boys are going to love it (almost as much as I do)!

The blurb on that back says this: Eli is an adorable dog who likes to get into trouble. So what do we say when he misbehaves? Eli, No! Follow along Eli’s path of chaos, in a story about amusing antics and unconditional love.





Movember Branding

I was wandering through the Movember website today and couldn’t help but fall in love with this year’s branding.

It’s got a friendly vintage feel that makes me wish I was part of the Movember family. The worn textures, retro type and muted colour all come together to create a convincing and successful brand.

I’m not sure who designed it, but Kudos to whoever it is!

The video series is brilliant too – here’s my favourite …