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DIY Screen Printing

For a while now I have been wanting to get off the computer and get my hands dirty with some DIY screen printing – and recently the opportunity presented itself.

I decided to do a little series of simple typographic posters – just white ink printed onto cardboard.

First I designed the posters, printed them out, then traced / cut the letters out of a sheet of contact (for covering books) using a scalpel. I had cut stencils out of other materials before (acetate, cardboard etc) but never contact. It worked well enough – adhered nicely to the cardboard – but I’ll probably use acetate next time so that the stencil is more robust and has a longer life.

Then I took my (very old) silk screen and squeegee, and some white fabric ink, and printed the posters.

I achieved that rough / worn look by accident – purely because the screen I used is so old and has lots of dry paint stuck to it, so the ink didn’t cover the area as well as you’d expect. But I’m really happy with it.

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